UEL 2019 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules

Introduction and Purpose

These Official Rules (“Rules”) Of the University Esports League (“UEL”) apply to each of the teams, as well as their players and substitutes.

The UEL will consist of three phases (a) Qualifying Stage, (b) Playoffs and (c) Grand Finals.

These Rules only apply to the UEL and not to other competitions, tournaments or organized play of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (“CS:GO”).

1. Team Eligibility

2019 UEL rosters are locked upon their first play. We may adjust rosters on request on a case by case basis before the tournament begins.

1.1 Roster Limits

Teams must maintain, at all times during the UEL League.

1.1.1 Five Players (“Starters”)

1.1.2 Between zero and two substitutes (“Sub”)

All players and captains must be eligible to participate in the UEL (Section 2.)

1.2 Multiple Rosters

Players cannot be listed on multiple rosters and cannot play for more than one team per tournament.

1.3 Submitting information

Each team will be required to send information upon entry to the UEL.

1.4 University Requirements

All team members must be from an Australian Institution.

1.5 Substitution within roster

Player substitutions can be made before a game has started. If a single round or knife round begins the rosters will be considered locked and no substitutions during the match can be made.

2. Player Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in the UEL, players must meet the following conditions:

2.1 Full-Time or Part-Time

Players must be studying Full-Time or Part-Time during the 2019 year. For clarity studying in the second semester of 2018 does not count.

2.2 University

Every student must be enrolled in an Australian institution.

2.3 Steam name eligibility

Steam names must not include profanity or inappropriate language/references. We reserve the right to force name changes to any player with an inappropriate name. If the player does not wish to change their name, they will be barred from participation.

2.4 Steam ID

Each Student must register and own their steam account, the account must solely be owned by that player.

3. Schedule

3.1 Match Day Schedule

Check in opens at 11:30AM AEST and closes at 12:00 PM AEST, matches commence as soon as check in closes with every game having an hour scheduled for it. Teams should be available between 11:30AM AEST to 5:00PM AEST for their matches. Matches may begin earlier than initially scheduled if earlier games are completed ahead of time.

3.2 Dates

Week 1 Cup – 25th August

Week 2 Cup – 8th September

Week 3 Cup – 15th September

Week 4 Cup – 22nd   September

Playoffs – 29th September

Live Finals – 11th – 13th of October

3.3 Registration

Registrations close each Thursday night before each scheduled week.

Week 1 Rego Close – 22nd  August

Week 2 Rego Close – 5th  September

Week 3 Rego Close – 12th  September

Week 4 Rego Close – 19th  September


4. Format

4.1 Qualifying Stage

The qualifying stage will consist of 4 cups. Each cup will be played out as a single elimination bracket. The results of your previous week(s) matches will be considered and will grant your team a seed into the following week’s matches.

There are eight spots available in the playoffs. A 1st place or 2nd place result in a cup will grant your team passage into the playoffs. Teams that have secured a playoffs spot can no longer play in any further cups.

Single Elimination Bracket

Teams will play in a best-of-one single elimination bracket; this means that losing a match will result in your cup journey ending for the week.  By placing in the top 2 of any cups you will advance into the playoffs.


Teams will be seeded based on results in their respective cups. Teams that have won a cup will be seeded between 1 and 4. Teams that place 2nd in a cup will be seeded between 5 and 8. Teams that have a better overall round differential will have a better seed going into the playoffs.

i.e. a team that wins every match 15-0 will have a higher seed than a team who wins every match 15-14.

4.2 Playoffs (29 September)

All matches here will be played as a best of three series.

  • Quarterfinals
    • 1st seed vs 8th seed (MATCH A)
    • 4th seed vs 5th seed (MATCH B)
    • 2nd seed vs 7th seed (MATCH C)
    • 3rd seed vs 6th seed (MATCH D)
  • Semifinals
    • Winner of MATCH A vs Winner of MATCH B (MATCH E)
    • Winner of MATCH C vs Winner of MATCH D (MATCH F)
  • Third Place Match
    • Loser of MATCH E and MATCH F (MATCH G)
  • Grand Finals
    • Winner of MATCH E and MATCH F (MATCH H)

5. Prizing

1st Place – $1,200 AUD + Flights to the Live final location + UEL 2019 Trophy

2nd Place – $600 AUD + Flights to the Live final location + UEL 2019 Trophy

3rd Place – $ 200 AUD

6. Competition Rules and Match Setup

All players are also responsible for ensuring the performance of their chosen setup, including computer hardware and peripherals, internet connection, and power. A problem with player equipment is not an acceptable reason for lateness, regardless of the root cause of the problem.

6.1 Checking In

Teams are to check in via discord at 11:30AM AEST. Check in closes at 12:00PM AEST. Failure to check in will result in the loss of map choice.

6.2 Entering Match

Teams will be given a tournament schedule and match details for the day in #tournament-schedule in the UEL – CS:GO tab. Teams are expected to pay close attention to the times of their matches and the server in which they have been allocated.


12PM: Match A: Red Rangers vs Blue Warriors | Alpha Server

12PM: Match B: Green Knights vs Pink Fairies | Bravo Server

1PM: Match C: Winner of Match A and B | Alpha Server

Once checked in, teams are to connect to their designated server as instructed by admins.

To connect into a server, enter the below bold line of text into your console command in CS:GO.

connect 4X.1X1.2X9.8X:2X058; password notinuse;

 The correct server information will be provided in the HIVE discord server.

6.3 Map Veto and Match Process

Map Veto will happen using https://www.mapban.eu/ban/csgo/esl

This pool consists of: Inferno, Nuke, Mirage, Train, Dust2, Overpass and Vertigo.

The steps for the veto process are as follows:

  1. The team on the top side of the bracket will visit the above link
  2. Select BO1 for all matches prior to playoffs (for playoffs select BO3)
  3. Click on the Banorder & More Options button
  4. Change the voting method to “ban until 3 maps left”
  5. Copy the second votelink for team 2 and pass it on to the opposing team’s captain
  6. Copy the first votelink for team 1 and paste it into a new tab
  7. Both teams are now to type in their team names
  8. You will now move into the veto process; you can now ban maps.
  9. Once a map is chosen by the website, you can now inform an admin about the map selected and that you are both ready to begin your match.
  10. The admin will now change the map and your game will begin once all players type /ready into the chat
  11. The knife round will now begin, the winning team will choose which side they start on by typing /stay or /leave

6.4 Pausing

Teams are allocated 3 minutes of pause time per half. The commands /pause can be used to pause and /unpause to unpause.

6.5 End-Game Screenshot

Teams who win must save a screenshot of their victory and post in the #match-results channel.

6.6 Lateness Penalties

Teams who fail to field an eligible roster of five players will forfeit their game for that round. The team who is on time is expected to contact an admin ASAP and provide a screenshot of the time and the game lobby.

6.7 Spectators

No spectators are allowed except for UEL Admins.

Special permission can be granted if teams wish to stream matches themselves.

7. Infraction and Penalties

Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the tournament director may issue any or all penalties, at his/her sole discretion.

Please make sure to take any screenshots to back up claims you may have for enemy forfeits or player behaviour so admins can make an informed decision.

Starting a game means you accept the conditions of the game and lose the right to dispute for retroactive changes to the results. Do not start a game if you are unsure about an opposing team’s roster eligibility of use of a player.

7.1 Punctuality

Teams who failed to show up to their match, as defined as having all 5 players in the lobby will receive the following punishments:

Five (5) minutes late results in the loss of map choice (the opposing team will have free choice in map).
Ten (10) minutes late results in the loss of the game.
Fifteen (15) minutes late results in the loss of the series (for playoffs).

7.2 Not Following Announcements

Every player has the responsibility to follow official tournament instructions and announcements. The penalty for failing to follow announcements and instructions is a loss of map selection.

7.3 Unsportsman-like Behaviour

All players have the right to a safe and enjoyable tournament experience and a player or team should be aware if their behaviour infringes on those principles.

Receiving three warnings will result in forfeiture of all map selection for the remainder of the qualifying and playoff stages. This will be considered your last warning. Any further unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in your team’s expulsion from the competition.

7.3.1 Minor

Minor unsportsmanlike behaviour occurs when a player or a team does something disruptive to the tournament or its participants. Examples include but aren’t limited to:

  • Excessive swearing or profanity
  • Demanding the opponent receives a penalty, even after a decision has been made final. The penalty for minor unsportsman-like behaviour is a warning.

7.3.2 Major

Major unsportsman-like behaviour falls into three specific categories and occurs when a player or team does one of the following:

  • Fails to follow official tournament instructions aimed at a player or team.
  • Directly insults someone using hate speech that targets a specific group (race, religion, gender, disability, etc.)
  • Aggressive behaviour that’s not directed at another person (cursing, frustration, hostility, etc.).
  • Aggressive behaviour targeting an individual (threats, personal attack, etc.)

Penalty for major unsportsman-like behaviour is a game loss (The game that the behaviour is displayed in will be forfeited).

7.3.3 Severe

Severe unsportsman-like behaviour includes cases that are too outrageous to fall under unsportsman-like behaviour minor and major. An example of this is intentionally disrupting the operation of the tournament.

7.3.4 Collusion

Collusions is conspiring or cooperating with opposing teams in a tournament in order to deceive or cheat others.

Penalty for collusion is disqualification for both teams.

7.3.5 Cheating

Players have a right to receive fair and balanced treatment during our tournament. Players who knowingly do something against the rules to gain an advantage is cheating. Any form of cheating will result in an automatic expulsion from the tournament.

  • Impersonating another player in the tournament, playing under false name, playing using another player’s name or account sharing
  • Playing with a player on another team’s roster or exceeding your roster limit of seven players and using another player.
  • Trigger a pause or delay the tournament to gain any advantage.
  • Exploiting or intentionally using any in­game bugs to gain an advantage.
  • Using an aimbot or any other tools to assist in creating an unfair advantage.

8. Spirit of the Rules

8.1 Finality of Decisions

All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling, tournament format and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with assigned tournament officials, the decisions of which are final.

8.2 Rule Changes

These rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented at any time in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the tournament.

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