League of Legends rules

UEL event rules and regulations

1. General Rules

1.1. Team/Player Eligibility
  • All participants MUST be enrolled in a AUS/NZ University and have studied as a full-time or part-time student during 2018. i.e. if you graduated at end of semester 2 in 2017 and your ceremony is held in 2018, you are NOT eligible.
    • Non-uni entries may incur the risk of being disqualified throughout this entire tournament.
  • Players that have competed professionally in LoL during season 7 and 8 are not permitted to participate.
  • Summoner names that include profanity and inappropriate languages will not be allowed to enter.
  • Everyone must only register 1 summoner name per player, this summoner name must be owned solely by that player.
    • Teams are unable to use players that are not part of the registration process for UEL. Failure to abide to these rules will result in heavy penalties resulting in either Tier 2 or Tier 1 penalty.
    • Registered IGN’s must be accurate, this includes participants that use umlauts within their names. E.g. ü or ä
  • Each registered team must have a minimum of five (5) core players and a maximum of two (2) sub.

2. Team Captains

  • Team Captains hold the responsibility to notify coordinators/Admins at least 3-5 hrs before match commencement, if their core player is OR will be absent from the match. Resulting in a replacement with their sub.
    • Failure to notify will result in Tier 2 penalty.
  • Team captains are responsible to be the word of the team, relaying any messages/updates from Coordinators and Admins through discord.
  • Communicate to other teams on behalf of their own teams.
  • Act as a final authority on behalf of their team’s decisions during the tournament.

3. Tournament information

  • All Matches will be played on Sunday online. Matches are played to the Bo1 (Best of 1)
    • Check in time – 12:30pm AEST
      • All matches should commence at 1pm AEST and played simultaneously. Failure to do so without proper reasoning, will result in Tier 3 penalty.
    • Top 2 Cup finalists will automatically be granted a free pass directly to Playoffs. However, the current cup winner must still be determined. The match will still need to be played.
      • Note: Winners of the Cup are not allowed to participate in the remaining cup matches for competitive fairness.
  • The rules may be adjusted for competitive fairness at anytime without warning by the coordinators. Match coordinators may make a ruling on a case by case basis at any time to ensure competitive fairness.
    • All rulings and punishments are at the discretion of the match coordinators and may be overruled or altered at any time.
  • All players are responsible for ensuring the performance of their chosen setup, including computer hardware and peripherals, internet connection, and power. A problem with player equipment is not an acceptable reason for lateness or pausing beyond a team’s allowance.
  • Please be aware that Placeholders is NOT permitted for this tournament.

4. Penalty information

Tier 3 — Lose One Ban
Tier 2 — Lose Two Ban
Tier 1 — Disqualification

Some examples that will result in Tier Penalties

Tier 3:

  • First warning of Bad Sportsmanship
  • First warning of disempowering comments
  • First warning of Non-player Banter

Tier 2:

  • Delaying commence start time WITHOUT logical and proper reasoning
  • Second warning of Tier 3

Tier 1:

  • Breaking tournament eligibility
  • Players caught cheating e.g. Using account which is not solely owned by that individual, such as account sharing.

5. Match Information

  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Mode: Tournament Draft
  • Champion Availability – Champions that have not been available on the live service for more
    than one week will be unavailable for selection in play.

6. Pre-Match

  • Match Coordinators & Admins reserve the right to disqualify matches/teams for bad sportsmanship whether its in Pre-Match or In-game.
    • Players in pregame lobby chat cannot say any derogatory or disempowering comments, penalties will apply.
  • Non-playful banter, Screenshot/Photo sent immediately to coordinators as evidence to be judged.
  • Admins will address to all teams any bugs, glitches and reworks prior before match commences. The availability of these champions will be determined solely by the admins discretion.
  • Champions who have not been available on the live service for more than three (3) weeks are restricted from tournament play. This includes reworked champions.

7. In-game

  • If a player disconnects during Ban/Champion selection. Resulting in all players returning to lobby. Once the player reconnects, the same ban and pick order must be selected again, prior before the disconnection.
    • Note: If a player disconnects they are given a maximum of 5 minutes to reconnect back into lobby. However, if a player fails to reconnect back after 5 minute. For every 5 minute after, penalties will begin to incur from tier 3 onwards.
  • Each team is given one (1) pause per game, with a maximum of three (3) minutes ingame pause time.
    • Note: A team that pauses twice (2), will be given a warning and the game must immediately be unpaused. If the team continues to pause after the warning, disrupting the gameplay will be immediately disqualified.
    • Resuming game – Before resuming the game, all players must notify opposing team if they are ready through in-game all chat. With both teams responding “ready” before resuming.
  • Disconnection: if a player remains disconnected for more than five (5) minutes or the team or player declares that the disconnected player will not return within five minutes of the pause, it is ruled as a 4v5 play and the team will forfeit the match effective immediately.

8. Registration

  • All teams are required to register online on the following website
    • After registration, team captains will be contacted and sent a discord invitation link to the channel. Discord can be used as a core communication between team captains and UEL Admins E.g. Q&A and Announcements

9. Challonge

  • Brackets will be randomly generated from existing data of teams. Upper bracket teams will automatically get Blue side, with first pick priority.
    • All teams, participating from second round onwards will be required to do a coin-flip through Discord to determine whether your Blue side, with first pick priority. E.g. Both captains+1 Admin will be required to join the Discord lobby (Note: At least 1 admin MUST be present during this coin-flip process on discord.)
  • Teams are required to create Tournament Draft lobbies WITHOUT Tournament codes, this will be closely coordinated alongside with Admins during the day.
  • Leaderboards and Bracket progressions can be found on this link https://challonge.com/p6mj12zi
  • Team captains are required to send an end-game screenshot and notify match coordinators in the #end-of-screenshots channel
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