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Do you love video games? Do you want to help build a community and learn skills to help in your future career? Do you want to work with a great team and share your love of gaming? Then why not become a part of Hive as a Student Ambassador.

We are looking for Australian university students ready to be part of an exciting team ready to play games with like-minded students and learn skills while they do it. We’ll provide resources and training to support you in your endeavour and help you develop skills you need to jump-start your future career.

The Role


Energetic and motivated you are ready to help your University grow a group of like-minded gamers ready to play together and look for fun and exciting events to get involved with. Be the voice of your community and take charge.


We aren’t a bunch of basement dwelling neck beards who don’t know how to get out there and have fun. Show what it’s like to be a gamer, have adventures, attend the weekly trivia night or have a fun meet and greet at the local bar or restaurant. Get your Hive out there and moving.


While you will still be getting involved with Hive events during the year. Brainstorm and action your own events during the year. It is your campus Hive to build on so go and do your thing. Build campus events, local tournaments, or fun workshops. You are the Captain of this so show yourself what you can achieve.

who we are looking for?

Someone ready to jump in head first, a motivated and excited individual ready to build up their university’s gaming rank and learn a wide variety of skills to get them there. You are organised and able to make sure you keep up with your studies as well as your plans for your Hive. You are ready to talk to a wide variety of individuals no matter their background or course and bring out their inner gamer so they can be involved with the community.

why jump in?

  • Work with an experienced team of
    individuals who you can work with and gain experience in varying facets of marketing, management, and events.
  • Stand out from the crowd with something interesting on your CV
  • Develop what you have learnt at university into hands on experience and learn new skills.

Sound like you?

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