UEL 2019 Overwatch

Saturday 12 October 2019


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The University Esports League (UEL) is a nationwide tournament run exclusively for university students with the aim to create memorable experiences.

As networking and “levelling up your career” is the core theme, we are supported by some of the Australia’s leading brands in audit, finance, insurance, telecom, technology, food & beverage and education.

Prizes for UEL 2019

1st Place – $1,200 AUD + Flights to the Live final location + UEL 2019 Trophy
2nd Place – $600 AUD + Flights to the Live final location + UEL 2019 Trophy
3rd Place – $ 200 AUD


The University Esports League is for those who are studying in university and TAFE looking to level up their esports or careers. The only criteria for participating in the UEL are the following attributes:

  • Must be studying at an Australian university/TAFE
  • Must still be studying in Australia during 2019

Why Join the UEL?

Sick of boring presentations and careers fairs? Play games and level up your career, it’s as simple as that.

By taking part in the UEL, you’ll be directly interacting with Australia’s leading companies and their employees you might potentially be working alongside after the UEL where you’ll be able to prove your worth in the UEL arena. You’ll also be helping to support and grow the esport and gaming scene in Australia and will be a pioneer in this space.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be able to claim your share of the $10,000+ UEL prize pool so enter today.

Team Captains

Team captains will be the people in the middle who will communicate with Tournament Administration and Other Captains on the behalf of their own team. Please make sure to select your team captain before entering into the tournament.

  • We ask for captains to be on earlier than their team. This is so they can organise their team and get them on, on time.
  • Team Captains will check to see who they are playing against and communicate with the other teams captain to get both their teams into a lobby.
  • Team captains will have to save and post the end of game screenshot



Qualifying Stage

The qualifying stage will consist of 4 cups. Each cup will be played out as a double elimination bracket.

There are eight spots available in the playoffs. A 1st place or 2nd place result in a cup will grant your team passage into the playoffs. Teams that have secured a playoffs spot can no longer play in any further cups.

Double Elimination Bracket

Teams will play in a best-of-three double elimination bracket; semi-finals is B05.  By placing in the top 2 of any cups you will advance into the playoffs.


*Students are able to form teams with other students from other universities/TAFEs



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