Hive Gaming Overwatch 1v1 Winter Community Games

Wednesday 28 August 2019

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Tournament information

  • All matches will be played  online. All matches played are Best of 1 with rounds of 7
    • Wednesday
      • Check in time – 6:30pm AEST
      • All matches should commence at 7pm AEST and played simultaneously. Failure to do so without proper reasoning, will result in penalties.
      • Finals must be played to determine the Hive Gaming Overwatch 1v1 Champion.
  • The tournament will run on a point system over several weeks. Depending on the placement of players in the bracket determine the points allocated to them.
    • Each week will give every player an opportunity to earn points and top 8 players with the most points will proceed to the Grandmaster Finals.
  • Points structure
    • 1st Place: 180 Points
    • 2nd Place: 120 Points
    • 3rd Place: 80 points
    • 4th Place: 60 Points
    • 5th – 6th Place: 40 Points
    • 7th – 8th Place: 20 Points
    • 9th – 12th Place: 12 Points
    • 13-16th Place: 8 points
    • 17-32nd  Place: 4 points
    • 33rd +: 2 points


Grandmaster Finals

  • Invited players only.
  • All matches will be best of 3 with rounds of 7





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